Power of Attorney by the Partners of a Firm to one of them

Updated atMarch 2010


Residing at... (2; Mr. B, residing at... and (3) Mr.C, residing at... SEND GREETINGS


We the said Mr. A. Mr. B and Mr. C are partners alongwith Mr. D of a partnership Firm in the name of M/s,.. and are carrying on business of... on the terms and conditions contained in a Deed of Partnership dated...

Under the said Deed the said Mr. D is authorised to act as the Managing Partner and he is mostly looking after the business of the said partnership.

We are not able to attend regularly to the business of the said partnership either because of our pre-occupations or other reasons and we have full confidence in the said Mr. D.

In order to enable him to carry on the said business and to do all acts and things required to be done alone and without being required to approach every time for our consent or authority or signatures, we have proposed to appoint him as our express and authorised attorney or agent to do all acts and things hereunder mentioned and which he has agreed to do.

NOW KNOW YOU ALL AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that we the said Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C hereby jointly and severally and as the partners of the said Firm appoint and constitute the said Mr. D our attorney or agent with full authority and powers to do and execute all the following acts, deeds and things in the name and on the behalf of the said Firm or in our names and on our `behalf and for us viz.

To carry on the business of the said partnership Firm M/s. in terms of the said Deed of Partnership dated. To buy and sell all goods and merchandise connected with the business of the said Firm and to pay and receive moneys in respect thereof.

To appoint managers, accountants, clerks, peons and other persons for carrying on different types of work in connection with the said business, to pay their salaries, wages and other emoluments as are normally paid and if necessary to remove or dismiss any one or more of them as occasion may require.

To acquire any premises on rent or other terms for carrying on the business of the Firm, including godowns. Store rooms for storing goods.

To open one or more accounts in one or more Banks in The name of the Firm and to operate the same as well as those at present existing. To close any such account or accounts if necessary.

To draw, accept, negotiate, pay or satisfy any bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, hundies, drafts, orders for payment or delivery of...

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