Power Of Attorney to Collect Debts

Updated atMarch 2010

TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, I Mr______residing at ____________.

WHEREAS in the course of my business I have several amounts to recover from others and which were either advances or loans or on account payments or as deposits or arising out of sale and purchase of goods.

AND WHEREAS due to my old age (or any other cause) I am unable to take necessary action to recover the said debts and I therefore propose to appoint Mr_______residing at___________ as my attorney or agent. to do all acts and things in that behalf which he has agreed to do.

NOW KNOW YOU ALL and THESE PRESENTS WITNESS THAT I Mr.... do hereby appoint. and constitute the said Mr_________to be my true and lawful attorney with all authority to do and execute the following acts, deeds and things In my name and on my behalf and in my name viz.

1) To demand and recover all the debts and other amounts due or payable to me on any account from any person or persons Including anybody corporate or any Govt. or any local or other authority and to give valid receipt or discharge for the same.

2) To file suits, petitions. or take any other legal action, against any such person as aforesaid to recover the debts or other amounts due and payable by him to me, in any Court of law, Tribunal or any other judicial or quasi judicial or executive authority.

3) To compromise, compound or settle or adjust any debt or other amount due and payable to me by any such person on such terms and conditions as the attorney may think fit.

4) To take any insolvency or liquidation proceedings against any person who is indebted to me for any amount.

5) For the purpose aforesaid to sign, declare and file plaints, petition applications, affidavits and other papers referred required to be filed in any court or tribunal In any such legal proceedings.

6) To defend any...

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