Power-of-Attorney to obtain Letters of Administration on behalf of Person Resident Abroad

Updated atMarch 2010

By this power-of-attorney I, Venky Gomes the undersigned, son of etc., state as follows:

Whereas (name of the deceased) died on ………… day of ……… leaving him surviving me as one of (state the relationship as one of the persons interested in his estate). And whereas I am at present residing at …………

Now by this power-of-attorney I do hereby irrevocably nominate, appoint and constitute Clover Demonte, son of etc., as my true and lawful attorney to do inter alia the following acts, deeds and things:

  1. To apply for and obtain letters of administration in respect of the estate of the said (deceased) from the court of competent jurisdiction for my use and benefit until when I shall apply for and obtain the same.

  2. To file the account and inventory in respect of the said estate.

  3. To appoint and engage any solicitor, counsel, advocate or other lawyer or lawyers, to sign and verify any petition for the grant, to affirm any affidavit or affidavits, enter or lodge any caveat or to apply for its discharge.

  4. To do all other acts...

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