Special Power Of Attorney

Updated atMarch 2010



WHEREAS I have executed a Sale Deed in favour of ____ ______________ therein called " the Purchaser" for sale of all my rights, title, and interest in ______shares numbered ___ to ___ of ______________________________ Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. situated at ________________________, Mumbai- 400 0__ (and hereinafter referred to as "the said society"); together with all my rights, title and interest as such shareholder in unit no._________ of the building known as ___________, situate at _______________- belonging to the said society; and received full consideration payable for the sale.

AND WHEREAS I am desirous of appointing Mr._______________to be my Attorney to do and execute the following acts, deeds and things in order to have to aforesaid shares and Units transferred to his name or to the name of any nominee or assign;

NOW KNOW YE AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESSETH THAT I ___ ____________________ do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint ____________________ as my true and lawful attorney to do and execute the following acts, deeds and things, that is to say:

  1. To complete the sale of the aforesaid shares and Unit No.___ of situated __________________, situated at ________Mumbai 400 0__ to the name of the said Purchaser or to the name of any nominee or assign of the said Purchaser.

  2. To execute any instruments of transfer or other documents as may be necessary for the transfer or sale of my entire right, title and interest in Unit No.___, ___________ _________________________, including rights of occupation.

  3. To enter into any correspondence with the ___________ ____________________ Coop. Housing Society Ltd. to make any applications to any such person or body, to pay any amounts, to receive discharges and to do such act, deed or thing whatsoever to complete the title of __________________ to the aforesaid shares and Unit No.___ of the Society.

  4. To attend any meetings of the _______________________ ________ Coop. Housing Society Ltd. and to vote on my behalf.

  5. To accept service of any notice or letter or correspondence from the Society.

  6. To apply for any permission from the Society, from the Bombay Municipal Corporation Electricity Authorities and any person or authority in respect of the said Unit.

  7. To sign any agreement or documents, to appear before the Income-tax and other authorities and before the Sub-Registrar of...

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