Special Power Of Attorney for a Court Case

Updated atMarch 2010

BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY dated_________________ I _________________S/o____________________ residing at ________________________ Plaintiff/Petitioner/Appellant in civil suit No./Writ Petition/Appeal _______ of ____________hereinafter referred to as the said suit, pending in the _________________court at __________ hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Mr. ___________________ S/o Mr. ________________resident of _____________ as my attorney for me, in my name and on my behalf to do or execute all or any of the following acts or things in connection with the said suit:

  1. To represent me before the said court or in any other, where the said suit is transferred in connection with the said suit.

  2. To engage or appoint any Solicitor, Counsel, Advocate or lawyer to conduct the said suit/petition/appeal.

  3. To prosecute the said suit and proceedings, to sign and verify all plaints, pleadings, applications, petitions or documents before the court and to deposit, withdraw and receive document and any money or moneys from the court or from the defendant either in execution of the decree or otherwise and sign and deliver proper receipts for me and discharges for the same.

  4. To apply for inspection and inspect documents and records, to obtain copies of documents and papers.

  5. To compromise...

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