General Power-of-Attorney from Person going to Reside Abroad

Updated atMarch 2010

Know all men by these presents I, Devang Patel, son of etc. state as follows: whereas I intend to go abroad and stay outside for long. And whereas in the circumstances aforesaid it is necessary and also expedient for me to appoint an agent to look after all my affairs during my absence. Now know ye by these presents I, the said Devang Patel, do hereby and hereunder nominate, appoint and constitute Chirag Desai of, etc., my true and lawful attorney, for me, in my name and on my behalf, either solely or jointly with some other person or persons, to do and execute all or any of the following acts, deeds and things, that is to say:

  1. To demand, sue for, enforce payment of, recover, receive and give proper receipts and discharges for, all moneys, debts, goods, effects, securities for money, stocks, shares, or other property, now belonging or hereafter to belong to me which receipts and discharges will exonerate any or all persons so paying without seeing the application thereof and on non-payment or non-realisation thereof to institute suits or other appropriate proceedings for receiving or compelling payment or delivery thereof.

  2. To institute, commence, prosecute, carry on or defend or resist all suits and other actions and proceedings or be added as a party or be non-suited or withdraw the same concerning my property or any part thereof, or concerning anything in which I may be a party in any court in civil, criminal, revenue or Revisional jurisdiction, including special jurisdiction of the High Court under Art. 226 of the Constitution of India, etc., before Income-tax, Sales-tax and Wealth-tax Authorities and to sign and verify all plaints, written statements, accounts, inventories, to accept service of all summonses, notices and other judicial processes to execute any judgment, decree or order and to appoint and engage any solicitor, pleader, counsel or advocate and to sign and execute any vakalatnama, warrant of attorney or other authority to act and plead.

  3. To accept the transfer of any stocks, funds, shares, annuities and other securities which shall or may at any time hereafter be transferred to me by sale, gift or otherwise.

  4. To settle, adjust, compound, compromise or submit to arbitration all actions, suits, accounts, claims and disputes, between me and any other person or persons to compound or compromise the same.

  5. To invest with my approval any of my moneys in such manner, at such rate of interest and upon such securities as my...

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