Power Of Attorney

Updated atMarch 2010

Power of Attorney:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, I, _______________________ citizen of _______________residing at________________________ do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my ______ ________ to be my true and lawful attorneys jointly and severally or singly for me and in my name to do the following acts, matters deeds and things and execute the following powers, that is to say:

  1. To open and operate savings or current bank account or accounts or invest in fixed deposits, sign cheques, deposit or withdraw money and transact money dealings and invest in or redeem Government or other securities, Public Provident Fund accounts etc.

  2. To carry on any business on my behalf and to represent me in all business matters.

  3. To demand, sue for, enforce payment or delivery of and receive from all and every person, and to give good receipts and discharge for all sums of money, debts, goods, and things now or hereafter due, owing or payable to, or receivable in respect of my properties.

  4. To pay all taxes, rates, charges, expenses and other outgoings whatsoever payable by me for and on account of my property or any part thereof and to insure any premises or buildings against loss or damage by fire or otherwise and to pay all premia for such insurances.

  5. To look after my Income-tax, Wealth-tax, Gift-tax and other tax affairs and for that purpose to receive notices and sign and file appeal memos and other papers and attend before the Income tax,Wealth-tax, Gift-tax or Appellate Authorities or other authorities, to produce my accounts, documents and evidence, to get my assessments completed, to receive notices of demand, to make payments and to do all other acts necessary for this purpose.

  6. To buy, take on lease or hire or otherwise howsoever acquire immovable or movable property and to make any investments on my behalf.

  7. To sell, transfer or otherwise deal with any shares investments or other movable property.

  8. To sell, transfer, give on lease or leave and licence or otherwise deal with any immovable property, to sign agreements, execute conveyances, to carry on any litigation, appear before the Sub-Registrar or any other authority and make applications to any tax authority, society or other person and otherwise to do any other act, deed or thing in respect of any property in which I have interest.

  9. To sell, endorse, gift, transfer and assign all or any Government Securities and securities of any description whatever.

  10. To demand and receive...

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