Replacement of Attorney

Updated atMarch 2010

KNOW ALL MEN ETC, THAT WHEREAS by power of attorney dated ______________ I Mr. ___________s/o Mr. ________r/o _________________had appointed Mr.__________s/o Mr.____________r/o ________________ as my attorney and certain powers were given to him, which were specified in the said power of attorney.

AND WHEREAS I now desire to replace Mr. __________ above named by Mr. __________r/o ___________for the proposes mentioned in the said deed dated _______________

NOW I hereby revoke all the powers and authorities given to said Mr.______by power of attorney dated _____________

AND further I hereby appoint Mr. _________as my attorney in place of Mr. _________and give him all powers already mentioned in the power of attorney dated____________________ a verified copy of which is enclosed herewith.

AND I...

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