Petition of Consent to Grant of Succession Certificate

Updated atMarch 2010

District: South 82-Tekdi

In the Court of the Learned District Delegate at Wantmore

Act39 Case No.300 of 2006


In the matter of:

Shahid Rafiq since deceased of _____, Police Station–Metes, District–South 82-Tekdi, by faith Muslim and Nationality Citizen of India


In the matter of:

An application for grant of Succession Certificate in respect of Back Wages amount lying at the office “TheOil Corporation of India Ltd.” at____ of Shahid Rafiq since deceased under s. 372 of the Indian Succession Act 39 of 1925


In the matter of:

ShahidaBibi, widow of deceased Shahid Rafiq residing at ______, Police Station–Metes, District–South 82-Tekdi ...................Applicant

The humble petition of:

(1) Safiq Rafiq

(2) lafiq Rafiq

(3)Tafiq Rafiq

All sons of deceased Shahid Rafiq residing at ____, Police Station– Metes, District–South 82-Tekdi

(4)Shafiqa Khatoon, Married daughter of Shahid Rafiq and wife of Late Md. Razaq, residing at______, Police Station–Yetur, District–North 31- Peta

(5) Khalisa Rafiq, Unmarried daughter of deceased Shahid Rafiq residing at ))), Police Station–Metes, District–South 82-Tekdi

Most Respectfully Sheweth:

  1. That the deceased above-named died intestate on or about 10th day of July2005 at about 11-30 p.m. at theTheresa Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai, leaving behind him his widowShahida Bibi three sons and two daughters and that the deceased left no other heirs and legal representatives.

  2. That the applicant Shahida Bibi is the mother of your petitioners and she is one of the heirs and legal representatives of the deceased.

  3. That your petitioner’s said mother has applied for grant of the Succession Certificate in her name in respect of the goods and assets and securities and debts of our father Shahid Rafiq since deceased.

  4. That the petitioners above-named as the other heirs of the deceased do hereby give our consent to the grant of such Succession Certificate to the applicant Shahida Bibi and that your petitioners have no objection to the grant of the Succession Certificate to be issued in her favour...

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