Codicil with New Bequests on Death of a Legatee

Updated atMarch 2010

This is a codicil to the last will made and published by me, Ashish Bhatt of, etc., on the ……… day of …… 2008.

Whereas Chirag Desai, one of the residuary legatees named in my said will having died since the date thereof (exact date to be given, if known), the legacy thereunder bequeathed unto and in his favour shall after my death fail and form a part of my general estate which was never intended by me. And whereas in the circumstances aforesaid it is my wish and desire that the said legacy shall go to his brother Chitu Desai. Now by this codicil I do hereby give leave and bequeath the same unto and in favour of his brother, Chitu Desai. Provided, however, and in case the said Chitu Desai shall also predecease me, (which May God Forbid) then and in such an event the same shall pass unto and vest in Chipa Desai and Chupa Desai, the two sons of the said Chitu Desai, in equal shares...

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