Security given by a Legatee under a lost will to a purchaser of bequeathed property

Updated atMarch 2010

KNOW ALL MEN, etc. (as used in any will)

Whereas by the last will dated the....................____ devised the lands known as... described in the First Schedule hereto, to the above bounden____ absolutely;

And, whereas the said____ died on the.................... but probate of the said will was never obtained;

And, whereas the said will has been diligently sought for by the said___ but cannot be found;

And, whereas by a deed dated the.................... all the children of the said____ have released the said lands from any claim which they or any of them might have thereto whether under the said or any other will or by inheritance if the said____ had died intestate;

And, whereas the parties to the said deed of.................... are the only descendants of the said ___;

And, whereas the said____ has in this manner come to be the sole owner of the said land;

And, whereas by a deed of even date hereto the said_____ has sold and transferred the said lands to the said_____ absolutely;

And, whereas it has been agreed between___ and____ that for the better protection of the said__ and in addition to the ordinary covenants for title contained in the said sale deed, the said____ should execute the above written bond subject to the condition hereinafter contained.

Now, the condition of the above written bond is that if the said _____, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns do and shall from time to time and at all times hereafter save harmless and keep indemnified the said_____ from all suits, losses, costs, charges whatsoever in respect of the said land in case it shallappear that the said will does not devise the said land to the said_____ absolutely or that the said will is for any reason invalid or that the said____ died intestate...

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