Codicil Substituting a Trustee Appointed under Will

Updated atMarch 2010

I Mr. X s/o______ hereby declare this to be first codicil to my will dated the ______ day of __________.

WHEREAS by my aforesaid will I have appointed Mr. Y as one of the executors and trustees and given him a legacy of Rs. _______ if he acts;

AND, WHEREAS the said Mr. Y died on ________________

  1. Now I hereby revoke the appointment of the said Y as one of the executors and trustees of my will and appoint Mr. Z s/o______, to be executor and trustee thereof in place of the said Mr. Y.

  2. I bequeath to the said Mr. Z a legacy of Rs. _______ if he acts as such executor and trustee and I hereby revoke the legacy of Rs. ______ given to the said Mr. Y by the said will.

  3. I hereby declare that my said will and all the provisions contained therein shall be construed and take effect in all respects as if the name of the said Mr. Z where substituted therein as an executor and trustee thereof for the name of Mr. Y.

  4. In all other respects I hereby confirm my said will.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF I, Mr. X have signed this codicil on the _______...

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