Sales Agency Agreement

Updated atMarch 2010

Draft Sales Agency Agreement

The below mentioned and undersigned representatives of


on the one part




_____________________________ (hereinafter referred to as " * ")

on the other part

On dated......have made the following agreement.

Article 1

  1. " XYZ" undertakes to develop on the contractual territory India Legal agency activity for (" * ") in the spirit of developing Business relations. "XYZ" activities according to contract to promote (" * ") product range from (products you deal in) supply to all related Facilities in India.

  2. In the Contractual territory (" * ") has right to conclude regarding the contractual subject direct business transactions, however the copy of all direct dealing will be provided to "XYZ" for local support.

  3. "XYZ" will undertake discussions on the behalf of (" * ") with local supplier /Partners and long term business opportunities and other services agencies to support (" * ") to support business activities. "XYZ" will inform all discussion with such Parties to (" * ") and such association will be finalized only subject to final clearance from (" * ").

  4. "XYZ" will support (" * ") to locate local partners for technologies transfer, assembling support, technical support and will undertake marketing planning etc. for (" * ").

  5. (" * ") gives authority to ("XYZ" to represent them self as a Authorized Representative / agents in India for (" * "), related to products they deal in and permitted too.

    Article 2

    "XYZ" will exercise his agent's activity with professional care and to this aim they will especially:

    1. "XYZ" will promote (" * ") and introduce their products through their business-to-business portal to their regular clients as well as to registered buyers on regular basis.

    2. Ensure sales and see to their enlargement and increasement of the volume according to the instructions of (" * ").

    3. "XYZ" will mediate business transactions only clients of good reputation where there is guarantee of fulfilling of the obligations. ("XYZ") will follow the economic and property situation of the clients till the payments of the cost price and will inform (" * ")

    4. "XYZ" will send to (" * ") regularly minimally yearly marketing analyses and informations on the contractual subject and inform (" * ") on sale possibilities.

    5. "XYZ" will help the staff of (" * ") - who will visit the contractual territory - by advice and arrange meetings, presentations...

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