Application proforma for Approval of Hotel Projects

Updated atMarch 2010


  1. Proposed name of the Hotel:

  2. Name of Promoters ( a note giving business antecedents may be enclosed):

  3. Complete postal address of the Promoters:

  4. Status of the owners/ Promoters:


    (a) Company (if so, a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association may be furnished), or

    (b)Partnership firm (if so, a copy of Partnership Deed and Certificate of Registeration under the Partnership Act can be furnished). or

    (c) Proprietory concern (give name and address of the Proprietor)

  5. Location of hotel site along with postal address:

  6. Details of the site:

  7. (a) Area

    (b) Title whether outright purchase (if so, a copy of the registered sale deed should be furnished), oron lease (if so, a copy of the registered lease deed should be furnished)

    (c) Whether the required land use permit for the construction of hotel have been obtained (if so, a copy of a certificate from the concerned local authorities should be furnished)

    (d) Distance from railway station.

    (e) Distance from airport

    (f) Distance from main shopping centres.

  8. Details of the hotel project (a copy of the project/feasibility report should also be furnished)

    (a) Star category planned

    (b) No. of guest rooms and their area







    (c) No. of attached baths and their area.

    (d) How many of the bathrooms will have long baths or the most modern shower chambers (Give break up)

    (e) Details of public areas:

    Number Area of each

    (i) Lounge / Lobby

    (ii) Restaurants

    (iii) Bar

    (iv) Shopping

    (v) Banquet / Conference Halls

    (vi) Health Club

    (vii) Swimming Pool

    (viii) Parking Facilities

    Note: It may be ensured that areas of guest rooms and attached bathrooms conform to the minimum standards laid down by the Ministry of Tourism for different star categories of hotels.

    (f) Blue prints of the sketch plans of the project. A complete set duly signed by the promoter and the architect should be furnished,including / showing among other things,the following:-

    (i) Site plan

    (ii) Front and side elevations

    (iii) Floorwise distribution of public areas / guest rooms and other facilities

    (iv) Areas of guest rooms with dimensions

    (v) Areas of bathrooms with dimensions

  9. Airconditioning:

    (a) Whether all the guest rooms will be airconditioned

    (b) Whether all the public areas will be airconditioned

    (c) Give details of type of airconditioning

  10. Approval:

    Whether the hotel project has been approved / cleared by / under the following...

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