Business Services Agreement

Updated atMarch 2010


AGREEMENT made at Mumbai this ____ day of _______ 2000 BETWEEN ------------------ situated at ----------------- (hereinafter referred to as "the Centre") of the One Part AND -------------- a Company incorporated under _______________________ and having its corporate / registered office at ____________________________a Company hereinafter called "the Client") (which expression should include its successors and assigns) of the Other Part;

AND WHEREAS the Centre is a member of ________________ Society, having its registered address at____________ and hereinafter referred to as the "said Society" and is in possession, use and occupation of the premises _________________, hereinafter referred to as the "said Premises".

AND WHEREAS the Centre is carrying on the business of providing office services in the name and style of ------------------- at the said premises --------------------------------- and for that purpose has made arrangements to render office facilities and services to persons who require such facilities for their business temporarily and on contract;

AND WHEREAS the client is carrying on the business of ______________ and is desirous of availing certain office facilities to enable it to more conveniently carry on it's said business.

AND WHEREAS the Client has requested the Centre to grant to the Client such facilities;

AND WHEREAS Centre has agreed to grant the same on the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon;

AND WHEREAS the parties hereto are desirous of recording the said terms and conditions.


  1. The Centre hereby agrees to grant to the Client certain office facilities in the said premises as set out herein to more conveniently carry on its said business in the name and style of ------------------------ and as incidental to such office services the Centre has permitted the Client to use until otherwise decided, a portion of the said premises and also to make available other ancillary office facilities, amenities, conveniences and services therein.

  2. The Centre has agreed to render the following services to the Client:

    i) to occupy and use a portion of the Business Centre at the said premises for itself, its bonafide employees and visitors, for the purpose of carrying on the client's said business

    ii) to use furniture, fixtures and fittings provided in the said Centre.

    iii) to avail of a peon's facility as may be reasonably required to attend to the needs of the Client,

    iv) to avail the use of three telephone connections (two local and one with ISD facilities) in the Centre

    v) to avail the use of air-conditioner in the Centre.

    vi) Any further facilities which Centre at its discretion considers it necessary to provide to the Client.

    vii) It is hereby expressly agreed and declared that save as otherwise herein expressly provided, the office services to be provided under this agreement, the Centre may at it's sole discretion permit it's other clients to avail of or share in common any of the said office services hereby agreed...

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