Franchise Agreement for Sale of Motor Cars

Updated atMarch 2010

This agreement is made at... this........ day of.. ...... between M/s. ABC & Co. Inc. a Company registered under the Company law in the U.S.A. and having its registered office at .... hereafter referred to as the Principal Company of the one part and Messers XYZ and Co. Ltd. A public limited Co. registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at ..... hereinafter referred to as the Representative Company of the other part as follows:

The Principal Company is manufacturing, motor cars of different types or models and sizes in U.S.A for the last several years and has acquired a reputation in the said trade.

The Principal Company has recently manufactured a new super car with modern gadgets sophisticated parts and other advantages and which has become popular in U.S.A

The said car is also very convenient and suitable to Indian condition and the Principal Company intends to extend its area of operation by entering into Indian market.

The present policy of the Government of India is also favorable to make investments in Indian business and to keep the country in the expansion of its trade and manufacture.

The Representative Company is also manufacturing motor cars or other vehicles in India and has its factory at.....

The Representative Company having learnt that the Principal Company intends to enter into Indian market for the manufacture and sale of the said motor car known as....... approached the Principal Company with a proposal to act as the representative of the Principal Company for the assembling and sale of the said motor car in India.

After prolonged negotiations and discussions the Principal Company has now agreed to appoint the Representative Company to assemble and/or sale the cars of the said model in India on the terms and conditions hereinafter recorded.

Now it is agreed between the parties hereto as follow:

The Principal Company hereby grants licence or permission to sell the motor cars of the model and particulars more described in the schedule hereunder (and which is hereafter referred to for the sake of brevity as the said motor car) throughout the territory of India being the territory referred to in Article 1 (3) and defined in Schedule 1 in the Constitution of India.

The Principal Company shall export to the Representative Company in India either all the parts of the said motor car or the complete cars and in the former case the Representative Company will assemble the parts in their factory to enable them to sell the ready motor car exported in ready condition.

The Principal Company shall also grant licence to the Representative Company to use the trade marks of the Principal Company and which are duly registered under the laws in U.S.A and under which the said motor car is being sold and on the basis of the licence the Representative Company will sell the motor cares on the strength of such trade marks. The Representative Company will be entitled to get the trade marks registered under the Indian Trade Mark Act in the name of the Principal Company or as in the name of Representative Company as licensee of the Principal Company.

The Principal Company will export to India on account of the Representative Company such number of motor cars in assembled or unassembled conditions as the Representative Company may required from time to time.

The Principal Company undertakes to give training and information regarding to the whole process in the manufacture of the motor car to not more than there technically qualified employees of...

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