Appointment by shipping Company of Agent For Recruitment of Personnel.

Updated atMarch 2010






AND AGREEMENT FOR RECRUITMENT made this ____ day of _______ 200_ BETWEEN ________ LIMITED, a Company incorporated in ___________, having its registered office at _____________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "the Principal") and ________________________________ PVT. LTD. a Company incorporated in India, having its registered office at __________________________, (hereinafter referred to as "the Agent";

WHEREAS the Principal is carrying on the business of ship -- management desirous of appointing the Agent, to act as Agent to assist the Principal in recruiting personnel from India for its ships on the terms and conditions hereinafter contained;

NOW IT IS HEREBY MUTUALLY AGREED between parties hereto as follows:

  1. The Principal hereby appoints the Agent to be its Agent in India with effect from ________.

  2. Whenever required by the Principal or any of its associated concerns or clients:

    (a) The Agent shall arrange for suitable advertisements to be inserted in local newspapers for posts to be filled in the offices or the Ships of the Principal, its Associates or their clients.

    (b) The Agent will scrutinise all applications, send out application forms for candidates to be interviewed, carry out interviews; and submit to the Principal a short list of the applicants for the Principal's consideration.

    (c) When the Principal has made a selection, the Agent will make arrangements for their medical check up, visas, passage etc. etcetra.

  3. The Agent will also make arrangements for visas, passage etc. whenever required for any of the staff already serving the Principal.

  4. The Agent will also assist the Principal in investigating and processing in any project in India that the Principal is considering venturing into India.

    For and in consideration of the services to be performed under this Agreement, the Principal agrees to pay the Agent as follows:-

    (A) A monthly retainer fee of Rs.________/- (Rupees _______________________ only) payable in advance for 3 months at a time. Such fee shall be payable from the date of commencement of this Agreement and shall continue for so long as this Agreement and shall continue for so long as this Agreement remains in force.

    (B) A fee equivalent to one month's salary of any person employed by the Principal through...

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