Prudential guidelines on management of the Non-SLR investment portfolio by urban co-operative banks – Disclosure requirements

Urban co-operative banks should make the following disclosures in the ''Notes on Accounts'' of the balance sheet in respect of their non-SLR investment portfolio.
i) Issuer composition of Non SLR investments
(Rs. in crore)
No (1) Issuer 2) Amount (3) Extent of 'below investment grade' securities
Extent of 'unrated' securities
Extent of 'unlisted' securities
1 PSUs
2 FIs
3 Public Sector Banks
4 Mutual Funds
5 Others
6 Provision held towards depreciation

ii) Non performing Non-SLR investments

Particulars Amount
(Rs. Crore)
Opening balance
Additions during the year since 1st April
Reductions during the above period
Closing balance
Total provisions held

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