Guidelines/Criteria for the purpose of financial assistance from the Investor Education and Protection Fund

(i) Any organisation/entity/person who has a viable project proposal on investors education and protection should be eligible for assistance from the Fund.

(ii) The limit for each person/organisation for assistance from the Fund should be subject to 5% of the budget of IEPF during that financial year and not exceeding 50% of the amount to be spent on the proposed programme/activity.

(iii) The associations or institutions or organisations already engaged in activities relating to investor awareness, education and protection and proposing to take up investors programmes, organising seminars, symposia etc. shall undertake projects for investor protection including research activities.

(iv) The associations or institutions or organisations shall be registered under the Societies Registration Act or formed as Trusts or incorporated companies.

(v) Associations or institutions or organisations, shall unless specific exemption has been made in this regard by the Committee on IEPF, be in existence for a minimum period of 2 years prior to its date of application for registration.

(vi) Associations or institutions or organisations shall have a minimum of 20 Members and a proven record of 2 years.

(vii) The...

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