Agreement between Photographer and a Model

Updated atMarch 2010

Agreement made of.....between Mr.Ravi Khoslahereinafter referred to asPhotographer of the One part and Ms. Deepali Mehta hereinafter referred to asModel of the other part as follows:


The said photographer is a professional and supplies photographs of models in different poses to advertisers or advertising agents for being used in advertisement.

And whereas the saidModel is working as a model and has agreed to act as model for taking photographs for advertisement purpose withthe Photographeron the following terms agreed upon.

Now it is agreed as follows:

(1) The saidModel agrees to offer her services as a model to the said Photographer whenever required byhim during the period of this agreement.

(2) The period of this agreement shall be for......months from the date hereof after which this agreement will come to an end.

(3) The saidModel shall permit the saidPhotographer to take such photographs ashe may require for the purpose of advertisement of the following products namely.... produced or manufactured by........

(4) The saidPhotographer shall pay to the saidModel a sum of Rs........for every pose photograph and same will be paid within......days from the date on which the photographed is taken.


(4) The saidPhotographer will pay to the said Model a lump sum of Rs........for all the photographs taken ofher during the said period and which will be paid by........instalments of Rs...... or such other sum as the saidPhotographer will think proper provided that the whole amount will be paid on or before the expiry of the said period. The saidModel will not be bound to give more than........ poses a day.

(5) The said Photographer will not at any time use the photographs...

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