Agreement between Owner and the Advertiser

Updated atMarch 2010

AGREEMENT is made at...this... day of... between Shri.....of residing at... hereinafter referred to as 'Owner' of the One Part and Shri..... of... resident of... hereinafter referred to as the 'Advertiser' of the Other Part;


1) The Owner owns a building situate at... bearing House No.... which abuts on the public road known as... and the said building has an open terrace which gives a long range view of the locality.

2) The Advertiser produces and sells a product by the name... and proposes to put up an advertisement by way of neon-sign on the said terrace and has requested the Owner to allow him to do so which the Owner has agreed on the following terms and conditions agreed to by the Advertiser.

3) It is proposed to record the said terms and conditions in the manner following.


  1. The Owner hereby grants license to the Advertiser to fix and exhibit on the eastern parapet wall of the terrace on the top of the said Building necessary frame or other fixture for the purpose of displaying the advertisement in neon signs or in any other illuminated form, for the product hereinbefore mentioned in the recital. The wording of the advertisement will be as follows:...

  2. The Advertiser will fix the frame or other contrivance to display the said advertisement at his own costs and it will be fixed in such a way as not to damage the parapet wall except to the extent of drilling holes or putting nails. The Advertiser will take care to see that the fixture is safe and there is no danger in doing so.

  3. The electric supply to the neon sign or illumination will be taken from the spare plug point in the terrace room and the necessary electric wiring work will be done by the Advertiser at his costs. For such facility the Advertiser will pay to the Owner along with the amount of compensation or license fee hereinafter mentioned, a fixed amount of Rs... per month which is calculated on the basis of the existing electric rates and the estimated consumption during the period from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day. In case the existing electric rates are increased by the authorities, the said amount will be increased proportionately.

  4. In consideration of the said license the Advertiser will pay to the Owner a sum of Rs... per month as compensation or license fee and the same will be paid in advance every English Calender month on or before the 10th day of each month.

  5. The Advertiser will also deposit with...

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