AuthorMahendra Prasad Singh
Published date01 December 2022
Date01 December 2022
Subject MatterEditorial
We offer 14 articles, three Notes and two Book Reviews in this issue of the Indian
Journal of Public Administration. Like any general issue, its hallmark is the
diversity of themes analysed.
S.N. Tripathi, V.N. Alok and Pradeep Kumar Panda analyse the air connectivity
of the north-eastern states of India with other states and union territories at
reasonable costs. In addition to the usual benets, it also helps to evacuate the
persons affected by natural calamities, disasters and in need of medical relief.
Vinay Kaura and Pratap Singh throw light on the policy implications of the
European Union’s Indo-Pacic strategy for India. Nahida Begum N. deals with
some aspects of SDG16 as an example of India’s exclusive policy and explores
the way forward for it.
The article by Satya Prakash Dash analyses the specic policies for poverty
elimination in China, giving some actual results from the eld. According to him,
China is probably the only country that has eliminated ‘absolute poverty’ in 2020,
by specically implementing a targeted policy which may be replicated by other
countries for similar positive results.
Taz Mazinder Barua offers a comparative study of health systems and the
pandemic mitigation in 2020 in three Indian states, namely, Madhya Pradesh,
Kerala and Delhi. Samar Nanda, having the experiences of an academician as well
as a practitioner, casts an analytical glance at the working of India’s Common
Service Centres. Tattwamasi Paltasingh and Prakash Bhue examine the efcacy of
the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in India.
Asset monetisation, an approach to encash assets with an objective to raise
resources to nance new projects, is planned with an aim to develop infrastructure
by involving private sector by following different forms of the public–private
partnership approach. Nand L. Dhameja et al. in their article, ‘Asset Monetisation:
A Step Towards Liberalisation and Privatisation—Strategic Issues’, assert that
monetisation of assets—core as well as non-core—would be a great step in
achieving the objective of Atmanirbhar Bharat [self-reliant India], and India to
become a $5 trillion economy by 2024.
Sandip Satpati and Kaushal Kumar Sharma delve into an evolution of the
impact on infrastructure of information and communication penetration in rural
West Bengal. Mridula Thakur seeks to grapple with the conundrums of religious
conversion in the tribal regions of India. Athira V.H. and Nalini R. aim to assess
the public health system response towards the health scenario of an indigenous
Indian Journal of Public
68(4) 525–526, 2022
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Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/00195561221119308

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