Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 (Forms)

Updated atOctober 2011

Form 1 Application-cum Declaration as to physical fitness [Rule 5(2)]

Form 1A Medical Certificate [Rules 5(1), (3), 7, 10(a), 14(d) and 18(d)]

Form 2 Form of application for the grant or renewal of learner's License [Rule 10]

Form 3 Learner's License [Rules 3(a) 13]

Form 4 Form of Application for License to drive a motor vehicle [Rule 14]

Form 5 Driving certificate issued by driving school or establishments [Rules 14(e), 17(1)(b), 27(d) and 31A(2)]

Form 6 Form of driving License [Rule 16(1)]

Form 7 Form of driving License (Laminated card type) [Rule 16(2)]

Form 8 Application for the addition of a new class of vehicle to a driver license [Rule 17(1)]

Form 9 Form of Application for the renewal of driving License [Rule 18(1)]

Form 10 State register of driving Licenses [Rule 23(1)]

Form 11 Form of license for the establishment of a motor driving school [Rules 24(1), 24(4) and 25]

Form 12 Form of application for a license to engage in the business of imparting instructions in driving of motor vehicles [Rule 24(2)]

Form 13 Form of application for renewing a license to engage in the business of imparting instructions in driving of motor vehicles [Rule 24(2) and 25]

Form 14 Register showing the enrolment of trainee(s) in the diving school establishments [Rule 27(a)]

Form 15 Register showing the driving hours spent by a trainee [Rule 27(i)]

Form 16 Form of application for grant or renewal of trade certificate [Rule 34(1)]

Form 17 Form of trade certificate [Rule 35(1)]

Form 18 Intimation of loss or destruction of a trade certificate and application for duplicate [Rule 38(1)]

Form 19 Register to be maintained by the holder of trade certificate [Rule 43]

Form 20 Application for registration of a motor vehicle [Rule 47]

Form 21 Sale Certificate [Rule 47(a) and (d)]

Form 22 Initial Certificate of compliance with Pollution Standards, Safety Standards of components and Road Worthiness. [Rules 47(g), 115 (6), 124, 126A and 127]

Form 22A Certificate of compliance with pollution standards/Safety standards of components and road worthiness (for vehicles where body is fabricated separately) [Rules 47(g), 124, 126A and 127]

Form 23 Certificate of Registration [Rule 48]

Form 24 Register of motor vehicle [Rule 49]

Form 25 Form of application for renewal of certificate of registration of a motor vehicle, other than a transport vehicle [Rule 52(1)]

Form 26 Application for the issue of duplicate certificate of...

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