Book review: R. K. Mishra and Geeta Potaraju, Creating, Building and Sustaining an Institution

AuthorSridhar Raj
Published date01 March 2023
Date01 March 2023
Subject MatterBook Reviews
Book Reviews 245
4. Imperial Prime Ministerialism (1972–1977, 1980–1989),
5. Prime Ministers in the coalition phase (1977–1979, 1989–2014) and
6. Return to Prime Ministerial Dominance in a de facto single party govern-
ment (2014 onwards) (p. 9).
In Chapter 4, Minu Jha deals with ‘internationalism and peace in Nehru’s foreign
policy’. She stipulates the following:
Nehru’s commitment to internationalism and peace ultimately underlined his policy of
nonalignment and later Panchsheel, which undeniably contributed in tapering tensions
and obliterating the risk of third World War. Besides, Nehru’s long-term objective was
that India by virtue of her position and resources should in future play an increasing
role in world aairs besides maintaining independence and attaining rapid economic
and social progress. (p. 90)
In Chapter 5, Prof. Sharma turns his attention to Lal Bahadur Shastri and presents
him as an accommodative and goal-oriented decision-maker.
In the next chapter, Chanchal Kumar analyses Indira Gandhi as an outstanding
prime ministerial leader, factors leading to the Emergency, the 1977 general elec-
tions and the Janata Party government phase. In what follows, Aishwarya Vatsa
throws light on Indira Gandhi’s ‘tryst with law’, including the infamous case of
the ADM Jabalpur vs. Shivkant Shukla, AIR 1976 SC1207.
In Chapter 8, Prof. Sharma oers an analysis of the leadership style of PM
Morarji Desai. We next get treatment of Chaudhary Charan Singh as the PM for
an all-too brief spell. In sequence, we come across the other PMs down to the
present PM Narendra Modi.
All in all, it is a welcome addition to the literature on the Prime Ministers of
India. I recommend it to the teachers and research scholars of Indian and com-
parative politics.
Mahendra Prasad Singh
Editor, IJPA
R. K. Mishra and Geeta Potaraju,
Creating, Building and Sustaining an
. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2022, 189 pp.
DOI: 10.1177/00195561221120944
The individuals who immensely contributed to the building of great institutions
are the ones who not only nurtured a dream but also translated their dreams into
reality through sheer hard work and determination. These leaders left no stone
unturned to march the institution towards posterity by infusing and nurturing the
values of eminence and excellence. The book narrates how the Institute of Public
Enterprise (IPE), which was started in the year 1964, became a Centre of
Excellence through a relentless focus on research, training, consultancy and

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