Book review: Devendra Kumar, International Relations and Contemporary Security Issues

Date01 March 2022
AuthorManan Dwivedi
Published date01 March 2022
Subject MatterBook Reviews
Book Reviews 137
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Samar Nanda
IRS (Customs & Indirect Tax),
New Delhi, India
Devendra Kumar, International Relations and Contemporary Security
Issues. New Delhi: Sarup Publications, 2021, 103 pp., `1200.
DOI: 10.1177/00195561211072327
The work compiled and edited by Devendra Kumar is assiduously compiled and
edited leaving no leeway for grammatical errors or typos. A debate rages on in the
realm of teaching methodology whether there should be a stress on historicity of
the theme under deliberation and research or only the contemporary context and
the recent developments should form a part and parcel of the narrative of research
and attendant deliberations. It is from this debate that the current book derives its
meaning from. The book bears an illuminating Foreword by Professor Ashwini
Mohapatra, Dean of the School of International Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru
The book engages a scholar’s attention with the themes ranging from the
beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia all the way to the redenition of the larger
international system in the Covid-19-infested times. The book zeroes in on the
future of the much tangled web of the Israel Palestine imbroglio in the besieged
context of Turkey. It also covers the European International Relations stratosphere
and how it is impacted by the Covid manifestation.
A few international scholars have also written upon the theme of the scenario
posited for the theme and conditionality of women and their state of affairs in the
larger international system along with the context of West Asia. The chapter on
the contours of maritime security in the Aegean and the Black sea is also well
articulated and researched into as it brings to fore the various Balance of Power
and Balance of Trade trends in West Asia and the Mediterranean contexts.
The current theme of water wars too has been zeroed upon along with the
origins of conict in West Asia. The author writes that ‘One of the most important

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