Blue Shark Energy Gets Patent for Hydrokinetic Telescopic Turbine Device

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is US202217843688 20220617. The patent publication number is US11560872 (B2). International Patent Classification codes are F03B13/22 and F03B13/26. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are F03B13/22 (US), F03B13/264 (US), F05B2220/32 (US) and F05B2260/50 (US)

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has released an abstract on the patent. The abstract reads, "The telescopic hydrokinetic turbine system is a device meant for lifting the burden of manufacturing, installing, and maintaining hydrokinetic systems in the water. The device attempts to overcome the issues faced by present day hydrokinetic systems. To accomplish this, the device includes a light weight and easy to carry and install design, a telescopic pillar to...

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