Aowei Information Tech Jiangsu Files French Patent Application for Blockchain-Based Decentralized Domain Name Updating System and Method

Published date19 July 2022
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is FR20200008901 20200902. International Patent Classification codes are G06Q50/18, G06Q50/30, H04L12/24, H04L29/06 and H04L9/32. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are G06F21/64 (FI), G06Q10/02 (FI), G06Q10/06 (EP), G06Q50/10 (EP), H04L61/302 (FI), H04L61/4511 (EP, CN, FI), H04L67/10 (NC), H04L67/104 (EP, FI), H04L9/0891 (EP), H04L9/3239 (EP), H04L9/50 (EP) and H04L61/302 (EP)

According to the abstract released by the French Patent Office (INPI): "The present application provides a blockchain-based decentralized domain name updating system and method. The system includes a public chain and a subchain composed of some public chain nodes, in which the public chain nodes are configured of a root domain name smart contract; the subchain nodes are configured to execute the root domain name smart contract to generate a subdomain name smart contract and to obtain ownership of the subdomain name smart contract competitively; moreover, get a domain name to update, determining a target domain name smart contract which manages the domain name to be updated and determining a subchain target node having ownership of the target domain name smart contract; send a domain name update request to the target node, and then the target node decides whether to accept the domain name update request. The domain name update system...

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