Affidavit and Indemnity

Updated atMarch 2010



FAVOUR OF____________________

I, _______________ aged __ years, do hereby solemnly declare and say as follows:-

1) That I am employed with____________________. (Hereinafter referred to as "the bank").

2) That the Bank has presently taken residential premises being Situated at ______________ known as _________________(hereinafter referred to as "the said premises") situate at---________________from _______________ on leave and license basis for the purpose of providing residential accommodation for me and my immediate family members.

3) At my request, the Bank has permitted me to use the premises as per terms and conditions of the Agreement dated __________________, as perquisite to my service.

4) I do hereby declare, agree and undertake that:-

I shall vacate the said premises on the expiry or earlier determination of the said leave and license agreement dated ___________________ .

I shall use the premises only for the purpose of residence of myself and I shall not part with the possession of the premises or any part thereof to any one else.

I shall not commit any breach of any of the terms and conditions of the Agreement under which the Company has taken possession of the premises.

I confirm that I am aware of the terms and conditions of the Agreement under which the company has acquired the said premises on leave and licence basis.

I confirm that on happening of any of the following events, _____________shall be at liberty to demand and take possession of the said premises and I shall indemnify and keep ________________ indemnified against any loss or damage which __________________ may suffer or incur due to my non-compliance, intentioned or otherwise, with any of the following:-

(i) For not vacating the premises on termination of my employment with the company for any reasons whatsoever (whether any retirement, resignation or otherwise).

(ii) For...

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