A written statement on behalf of the opponent husband in a maintenance application.

Updated atMarch 2010



Maintenance Application No.

Smt.___________ W_____. _ Applicant

VersusShri___________ H_____ _ Opponent


The opponent above-named submits this statement, praying to state as follows:

  1. That the contents of para 1 of the application are true and correct, and hence admitted by this opponent.

  2. That the contents of para 2of the application are likewise true and correct, and hence, call for no comments.

  3. That the contents of para 3 of the application are false, baseless, frivolous, and hence, denied by this opponent, and this opponent submits that the applicant right from the beginning was in the habit of staying with her parents, and she practically cohabited with this opponent hardly for a fortnight or so after the marriage, and since then, she has always had been residing at her parents' till this date.

  4. That the contents of para 4 of the application are a sheer piece of fabrication on the part of the applicant, and this opponent submits that since the applicant, in fact, cohabited with this opponent only for a few days, the question of begetting a child or making such wild allegations against the opponent does not arise, and the so-called medical check-up is a false and imaginary story.

  5. That the contents of para 5 of the application are likewise totally false, and while denying the same, this opponent does hereby reiterate that when the applicant did not cohabit with this opponent anytime during the existence of their marriage, except and save those few days in the beginning after the marriage, the alleged ill-treatment could not be meted out to her, and such allegations are far away from any truth therein and do not hold water at all.

  6. That the contents of para 6 of the application to the effect that the applicant had tried to go to this opponent for cohabitation are not only totally false but also misleading, and hence, denied by this opponent in to and categorically, and the opponent requests this Hon'ble Court to take this fact into consideration.

  7. That the contents of para 7 of the application alleging that this opponent has contracted a second marriage with the so-called staff nurse are vertex on the part of the applicant, and it shows that the applicant is at a loose end to make such dirty, totally false and illegal...

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