Warrant to search susjpected place of deposit

Updated atMarch 2010

[See section 94)

To (name and designation of a police officer above the rank of a constable).

WHEREAS information has been laid before me, and on due inquiry thereupon had, I have been led to believe that the (describe the house or other place) is used as a place for the deposit (or sale) of stolen property (or if for either of the other purposes expressed in the section, state the purpose in the words of the section);

This is to authorise and require you to enter the said house (or other place) with such assistance as shall be required, and to use, if necessary, reasonable force for that purpose, and to search every part of the said house (or other place, or if the search is to be confined to a part, specify the part clearly), and to seize and take possession of any property (or documents, or stamps, or seals, or coins, or obscene objects, as the case may...

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