CIC/RM/A/2013/000272. Case: Shri Rajesh Gouhari, New Delhi Vs EdCIL (India) Limited, Noida. Central Information Commission

Case NumberCIC/RM/A/2013/000272
JudgesRajiv Mathur, Central Information Commissioner
IssueRight to Information Act, 2005
Judgement DateSeptember 19, 2013
CourtCentral Information Commission


Rajiv Mathur, Central Information Commissioner

  1. Vide RTI dt 7.11.12, appellant had sought information on 6 points relating to multiple issues. PIO vide letter dt 11.12.12, informed the appellant that in respect of query no.1, the voucher number provided is incomplete and hence information cannot be provided. In respect of other queries, a response was provided.

  2. An appeal was filed on 17.12.12.

  3. AA vide order dt 7.1.13 upheld the decision of the PIO.

  4. Submissions made by the appellant and public authority were heard. Appellant submitted that he has not been provided a response to query no.1. PIO/AA reiterated their stand that the information provided is incomplete.


  5. The Commission finds that use of Section 8(1)(j) for denial of information in response to query...

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