Petition No. 79/2004. Case: : North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd. Vs Assam State Electricity Board and Ors.. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Case NumberPetition No. 79/2004
JudgesAshok Basu, Chairman, K.N. Sinha and Bhanu Bhushan, Members
IssueElectricity Law
Judgement DateNovember 09, 2005
CourtCentral Electricity Regulatory Commission


  1. The petitioner seeks to determine provisional tariff for sale of power from Kopili Hydroelectric Project Stage-ll (1x25 MW) for the period 26.7.2004 to 31.3.2009 based on the terms and conditions contained in the Commission's notification dated 26.3.2004.

  2. Kopili Hydroelectric Project comprised of two generating stations, namely, Khandong Hydroelectric Generating Station (2x25 MW) and Kopili Hydroelectric Generating Station (4x50 MW). Kopili Hydroelectric Project Stage-11 has been executed keeping in view better utilisation of the existing civil works which include Khandong dam and Umrong Dam and the corresponding reservoirs, feeding water to Khandong Hydrelectric Generating Station and Kopili Hydroelectric Generating Station. Kopili Hydroelectric Project Stage-11 utilises spill over/excess water from the existing Khandong reservoir. With the existing FRL of Khandong reservoir at 719 meters, a maximum generation of 72 MW could be possible, against which two machines of 25 MW each were already installed under Khandong Hydroelectric Generating Station. Therefore, there was scope for installation of one additional unit up to a maximum capacity of 22 MW. The petitioner has installed one additional unit of 25 MW capacity under Kopili Hydroelectric Project Stage-ll. This unit was declared under commercial operation on 26.7.2004 and accordingly, the petitioner has sought approval for provisional tariff from that date. The provisional annual fixed charge of Rs. 848.29 lakh have been claimed in the petition.

  3. While explaining the reasons for seeking approval for provisional tariff, the representative of the petitioner explained that an expenditure of Rs. 79.38 crore was incurred up to the date of commercial operation, that is, 26.7.2004. He further submitted that certain works were yet to be completed which would involve additional expenditure and consequent revision of tariff. It was also explained that the approval of the Central Government for the completion cost was awaited when the application was made. The representative of the petitioner informed that the Central Government had approved on 2.8.2005 the revised cost estimates of Rs. 95.02 crore, including IDC of Rs. 6.58 crore based on the anticipated completion cost. The representative of the petitioner stated that the...

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