Memorandum of Association

Updated atMarch 2010

………………… Private Ltd.

(Incorporated under the Companies Act 1956)

  1. The name of the company is .....................................

  2. The Registered Office of the company will be situated at ……………… in the State of ………………………

  3. The objects to be pursued by the company immediately after incorporation are:

    To acquire by purchase the business of publishers of journals and periodicals carried on under the names and styles of _______and___________ as going concerns with all the assets and liabilities, pending contracts, rights, privileges and goodwill attached thereto.

  4. The objects incidental to and ancillary to attainment of the main objects are:

    (a) To carry on the business of __________________________

    (b) To carry on the business of advertising agents for publicity through journals and periodicals, cinema slides, neon signs, and all other modes of advertisement.

    (c) To carry on the business of_______________ that may be found profitable by the company.

    (d) To initiate, promote, encourage, facilitate and support financially or otherwise research of all kinds of scientific or natural phenomena whether directly or indirectly connected with any of the above subjects.

  5. The other objects for which the company is established are as follows:

    (i) To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business of any concern either private or public company, firm or individual which may in the opinion of the company be carried on conveniently.

    (ii) To apply for, purchase or otherwise acquire any patents, licences, concessions and the like conferring any exclusive or non-exclusive or limited right to use, make or deal with or the acquisition of which may be calculated directly or indirectly to benefit the company.

    (iii) To enter into partnership or any other arrangement for sharing profits, union of interests, co-operation, joint venture, reciprocal concessions with any person, firm or company carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engage in any business or transaction which the company is authorised to carry on or engage in or any business or transaction capable of being conducted so as to benefit the company directly or indirectly.

    (iv) To enter into any agreement with any Government, railway, body corporate, corporation or other authorities supreme, municipal, local or otherwise and private or public bodies that seem competent or undertake operations similar to those undertaken by this company and conducive to the company’s objects or any...

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