Kullu paragliding accident: Everything to know about safety measures for activity

Published date29 May 2023
Publication titleStatesman, The (India)
A woman tourist from Ahmedabad was injured in the incident along with the local pilot. The two people were receiving treatment at the regional hospital in Dhalpur

A team of Kullu police arrived at the scene after the crash. Local police are reportedly investigating the incident.

According to local media reports, the paraglider pilot has been identified by his first name Vivek. He took off with the female tourist – who has been identified as Dimple Patel. Shortly after takeoff, the accident took place leaving both people injured. The extent of their injuries remains unclear.

The Dobhi paragliding site was inaugurated by Manali MLA Bhubaneshwar Gaur.

Before making any plans of paragliding, take these essential precautions:

1. Climate Conditions

Nobody desires to be airborne during inclement weather. However, even favorable weather circumstances can create unpredictable situations. Even a slight alteration in weather patterns can pose significant risks. Weather conditions play a vital role in directly influencing your paragliding adventure, as wind speed and direction greatly influence gliding dynamics and maneuverability. Hence, it is necessary to consider the weather forecast when aspiring to take flight.

2. Glider Experience

The quality of your paragliding experience relies heavily on the performance of your glider, as it should provide a seamless flying experience across various weather conditions. To ensure this, conducting thorough research or seeking advice from experienced paragliders who have already embarked on this adventure can provide valuable insights into the world of gliding equipment. Opting for a dependable glider will contribute to a comfortable and fulfilling flight.

3. Use...

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