India's stature has globally grown in 9 years: Yogi

Published date29 May 2023
AuthorStatesman News Service
Publication titleStatesman, The (India)
Addressing a press conference organized on the completion of 9 years of the Modi government's tenure in Lucknow, the Chief Minister said, "In the last 9 years, the Modi government has provided a strong base to the four pillars including nation's respect, internal and external security, welfare of the underprivileged, and infrastructure development."

He said that over the past nine years, we have not only noticed a change in the circumstances but have also witnessed the emergence of a 'new India.' India of today is supported by four crucial pillars.

The Chief Minister stated, "The first pillar of India's progress, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, is the increase in India's prestige at the global level. India is getting respect all over the world. Recently, the Prime Minister visited three countries, where he received notable gestures of respect."

"The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea greeted Modi by touching his feet, breaking protocol, and personally receiving him in the late evening. This was the first time a sovereign nation felicitated its counterpart in such a manner. Additionally, Papua New Guinea and Fiji bestowed their highest honors on Prime Minister Modi," he said.

He further mentioned the statement made by the Prime Minister of Australia, who addressed Modi as "Boss," and the President of the United States expressing a desire to have Modi's autograph, which was seen as an honor for India and its population of 1.4 billion people. Adityanath further stated that the world recognizes and respects India's heritage through the global celebration of Yoga on June 21st each year.

Speaking of the second pillar, the Chief Minister noted that "India's internal and external security situation has strengthened today. Because of the improved security situation in India, no one can afford to challenge it. India has always been positive towards its neighbors. India has responded firmly and effectively for the first time, ensuring the security and fortification of its borders."

Yogi Adityanath said that in the past nine years, India had managed to secure its borders, crush terrorism and Naxalism. "A sense of new hope and confidence has arisen in the country in terms of security," he said.

Regarding the third pillar, the CM stated that India currently has world-class infrastructure to meet the needs of its 140 crore citizens. In the 70 years after independence, only 74 airports were constructed, but within the span of 9 years, the government has...

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