A Civil Appeal Memo

Updated atMarch 2010


Appeal No........... / 200...

(Name of the Appellants with Full Title) ...Appellants


(Name of the Respondent with Full title) Respondent

The appellants abovenamed submit this memo of appeal, praying to state as follows:

(A) That the respondent was .......................(Give Brief facts into 3-4 paras)

That, thereafter, the respondent filed an appeal No. ..........before the .......and the said Learned..... was pleased to allow the said appeal of the respondent, and it was further ordered that the appellants should pay .....with effect from................

BEING AGGRIEVED BY AND DISSATISFIED WITH the judgment and order, dated..................., passed in the appeal No. .............. by the Learned ........, the present appellants prefer this appeal against the same on the following amongst the other grounds of objections thereto:

  1. That the Learned Lower Court has not followed the proper procedure, and this has resulted into miscarriage of justice.

  2. That the orders passed by the Learned Lower Court are violative of the principles of justice, equity and good conscience.

  3. That the orders passed by the Learned Lower Court are contrary to the provisions of law and the principles of natural justice.

  4. That the Learned Lower Court has failed to consider the evidence on record in a judicious manner.

  5. That the findings arrived by the Learned Lower Court are not supported by the evidence on record.

  6. That the necessary issues of law and fact have not been framed and answered by the Learned Lower Court.

  7. That the case was involving highly technical issues requiring interpretation of the orders and the provisions of law, and in the circumstances, the Lower Court ought to have allowed the parties to be represented by .........

  8. That the Learned Lower Court has confused the time schedule, and the dates mentioned in the order are wrong.

  9. That the Learned Lower Court has misunderstood and misconstrued the facts of the case.

  10. That the Learned Lower Court was at error in condoning the delay in preferring the appeal, and the Learned Lower Court has acted in an arbitrary manner while condoning the delay without assigning any ground therefor, and the only excuse that could be put forth by the Learned Lower Court is "the circumstances in the present case are such that one feels that delay in preferring the appeal be condoned' is nothing but mockery of justice, and, hence, the appeal was wrongly...

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