Central Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme, 2013. It will be a Central Sector Scheme

F.No.2(1)/2013-SPS.-- The Government of India is pleased to notify the extension of the following scheme of Central Grant or Subsidy under Special Package -- II for Industrial units in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand with a view to accelerating the industrial development in these States.

1. Short Title:- This scheme may be called the Central Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme, 2013. It will be a Central Sector Scheme.

2. Commencement and duration of the Scheme:- It will come into effect from the 7th January, 2013 and remain in force upto and inclusive of 31-03-2017.

The subsidy will be available for the duration of the scheme to such units which have pre-registered and commence commercial production/operation prior to 31-03-2017. The unit should file its claim as per prescribed procedure at District Industry Centre concerned within one year from date of commencement of commercial production/operation.6. The industrial unit registered before 07-01-2013 under the erstwhile scheme of subsidies and have filed the claims within one year from the date of commencement of commercial production/operation would be eligible for subsidies under erstwhile scheme. Units which have registered on or after 07-01-2013 would be covered under the present scheme. However, if such a unit has not registered with DIC (District Industry Centre) due to non-existence of the package during the intervening period or not submitted claim within one year of the date of commencement of commercial production/operation, the unit can do so not later than 31st May, 2014.

16. 2% of outlay would be kept for monitoring and IEC including engagement of PMA.

Shubhra Singh,

Jt. Secy.

Sl. No. List of Thrust Industries
01. Floriculture
02. Medicinal herbs and aromatic herbs etc. -- processing
03. Honey
04. Horticulture and Agro based Industries such as:- a. Sauces, Ketchup etc. b. Fruit juices & fruit pulp c. Jams, Jellies, vegetable juices, puree, pickles etc. d. Preserved fruits and vegetables e. Processing of fresh fruits and vegetables including packaging. f. Processing, preservation, packaging of mushrooms.
05. Food processing industry excluding those included in the negative list.
06. Sugar and its by-products.
07. Silk and silk products.
08. Wool and wool products.
09. Woven fabrics (Excisable garments)
10. Sports goods and articles and equipment for general physical exercise and equipment for adventure, sports activities,
11. Paper and paper products excluding those in negative list
12. Pharma products.
13. Information & communication technology, Computer hardware.
14. Bottling of mineral water
15. Eco tourism -- Hotels, resorts, spa, entertainment/amusement parks and ropeways.

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