Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act, 2008


The A.K. University Act 2008 provides for the establishment of a University at Patna to conduct and facilitate affiliations of Institutions in the conventional as well as new frontiers of professional education. All the colleges and institutions imparting professional education for example Engineering & Technology including Information Technology, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, Management, Medicine, Health Technology, Public Health, Pharmacy, Optometry, Nursing, Education, Law etc. is to be affiliated to this University. The object is to achieve excellence in teaching, research and extension work in these areas and other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Section 1 - Chancellor

The Governor of Bihar by virtue of his office shall be the Chancellor of the University and shall exercise his powers as vested upon him under sub section (2) to (11) of Section 8 of the Act.

Section 2 - The following shall be the officers of the University

The emoluments of the officers, except teachers appointed as officers, shall be as fixed by the State Government from time to time.

(a) The Vice Chancellor

(b) The Deans of Faculties

(c) The Registrar

(d) The Finance officer

(e) The Examination Controller

(f) The Librarian

(g) Such other officers as may be declared by the Statutes from time to time.

Section 3 - Vice-Chancellor

(a) The Vice Chancellor shall be appointed by the Chancellor from out of a panel recommended by a committee constituted under sub section 2 of section 10 of the Act. Provided that if the chancellor does not approve of for appointment of any of the persons included in the Panel, he may call for an extended fresh Panel.

(b) The committee referred to in sub-section (a) above shall consist of three persons, out of whom one shall be nominated by the Executive council, one by the Chancellor and one by the State government, and the member nominated by the government shall be Convener of the

(c) committee.

Provided that none of the member of the committee shall be an employee of the University or a College or an Institution maintained by the University or Government or member of the Governing body or of any Authority of the university.

Provided further that the Panel shall be prepared from out of candidates who submit their curriculum vitae or is sponsored by some reputed person or Institution in the field of science, medicine, dental science, technology, Law, management or any other relevant fields.

(d) The Vice-Chancellor shall be a whole time salaried officer of the university

(e) The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for a term of three years except the first Vice-Chancellor who will hold office for four years from the date on which he assumes charge of office or until he attains the age of 70 years, which ever is earlier, and he may be reappointed for another term within the prescribed age limit.

Provided that the chancellor may require the Vice-chancellor after his term has expired, to continue in office until the new V.C. assumes office or for such period not exceeding a total period of one year, as may be specified by him.

(f) Notwithstanding any thing contained in sub-section (d), the chancellor may at any time for reasons to be recorded in writing and in consultation with the State Government require the vice-chancellor to resign his post from the date as may be specified in the order on grounds of incapacity, misconduct, or violation of the provisions of the Act or Statutes.

Provided that no such order shall be made by the Chancellor unless the Vice-chancellor has been given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the action proposed to be taken against him.

Provided further that the Chancellor shall consult the State Government before passing such order.

Provided also that the chancellor may for sufficient reasons before making such order, place the Vice-Chancellor under suspension, pending enquiry for a term not exceeding one month.

(g) The emoluments and other conditions of service of the vice-chancellor shall be as follows: -

(i) The Vice-Chancellor shall be a whole time officer and shall bepaid pay and allowances other than house rent allowance, at the rates fixed by the state government from time to time and he shall be entitled to rent free, furnished residence during his term of office and no charge shall fall on the Vice-chancellor in respect of the maintenance and security of such residence. Where the person appointed as Vice-chancellor gets pension from the Central or the State government or any University or from any other source, the amount of pension due to him from such source shall be deemed to be the part of his salary as vice-chancellor.

(ii) The Vice-Chancellor and his/her spouse and dependent sons and daughters shall be entitled to free medical treatment and the University shall reimburse their medical bills.

(iii) The Vice-Chancellor shall also be entitled to other benefits and allowances such as free fuel for staff car, telephone electricity, newspapers and magazine, etc. as may be fixed by the Executive Council.

Provided that where an employee of the University, or a college or an Institution maintained by the university, or of any other university, or any college or institution maintained by or admitted to the Privileges of such other University, is appointed as the Vice-chancellor he may be allowed to contribute to provident fund of which he is a member and the previous employer shall transfer the balance standing to the credit of the employee in his Provident Fund Account to his present employer/university and the V.C. shall continue in the same scheme in which he was member in the former organisation.

(h) The Vice-Chancellor shall be entitled to various kinds of Leave as per Leave Rules framed under this statute.

(i) The Vice-Chancellor shall be entitled to Travelling allowance and Daily allowance at the rate prescribed by the State Government.

(j) If the office of the Vice-Chancellor becomes Vacant due to death, resignation or otherwise, or if he becomes unable to perform his duties due to ill-health or any other cause, the senior most professor of the university shall perform the duty of the Vice-Chancellor with the approval of the Chancellor till new Vice-Chancellor joins.

Section 4 - Power and duties of Vice-Chancellor

(a) The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chief Executive and Academic officer of the university and in the absence of the Chancellor shall preside at meetings of the Court and convocation of the university.

(b) The Vice-Chancellor shall be ex-officio chairman of the Executive Council, the Academic Council, Selection Committee, Finance Committee and such other committee constituted under this Statute.

(c) The Vice-Chancellor shall be entitled to be present and address, any meeting of any Authority or other body of the university, but shall not vote in the first instance but shall have and exercise a casting vote in the case of equality of votes.

(d) The Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible for the proper administration of the university and for a close coordination and integration of teaching, research and extension work and other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

(e) It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to see that this Act., the Statute, the Ordinances and the Regulations are duly observed and he shall have all the powers necessary to ensure such observance.

(f) The Vice-Chancellor shall have all the Powers necessary for the proper maintenance of discipline in the university and he may delegate any such power to such officer or officers as he may deem proper.

(g) The Vice-Chancellor shall have the power to convene or cause to be convened the meetings of the Court, the Executive Council, the Academic Council, the Finance Committee, Selection Committee and any Authority and Body constituted under the provisions of the Act of the university.

(h) The Vice-Chancellor shall exercise general supervision and control over the affairs of the university and shall ensure the faithful observance of the provisions of the Act and Statute and Regulations.

(i) Except when the Executive council or Academic council is in Session, the Vice-Chancellor if he is of the opinion that immediate action is necessary on any matter, may exercise any power conferred on any Authority of the university by or under this Act and shall apprise the authority concerned at its next meeting of the action taken by him on such matter.

Provided that such exercise of power shall be made only in emergent situation and in no case in respect of creation, and up gradation of posts and appointments thereto.

Provided further that if the authority concerned is of the opinion that such action ought not to have been taken, it may refer the matter to the Chancellor whose decision thereon shall be final.

(j) Where any action taken by the Vice-chancellor under sub section (i) of section 4 of this Statute affects any person in the service of the university to his disadvantage such person may prefer an appeal to the Chancellor within thirty days from the date on which such person has been served with a notice of the action taken.

(k) The Vice-Chancellor shall exercise such other power and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Statutes or the ordinances.

(l) The Vice-Chancellor shall appoint Dean Students welfare and Proctor from amongst the teachers and paper setters and examiners from the panel of names submitted by the Board of moderators.

(m) The Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible for the presentation of the budget and Accounts to the court.

Section 5 - The Schools (Faculties) and Deans of School

(a) The university shall have the following Schools-

(i) School of Engineering & Technology.-- This will include Information Technology, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, Renewable energy etc.

(ii) School of Management Teachings. This will include all streams connected with the management and administration of...

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