Agreement Statement of Work

Updated atOctober 2011

Title: Operation and Maintenance of the Biological Data Processing System

A. Overall Objectives

The purpose of this contract is to provide software engineering, database design, commercial-off-the-shelf product support, mathematical and statistical support for the Information Technology Branch (ITB). This includes design and or/redesign of application programs as well as initial coding, revising, testing, documenting, operating and maintaining all custom software. The Contractor will work at their own location, but frequently be required to attend meetings with Project Officers at Government offices in ABC company.

Data communication between the Contractor's site and ABC company located in................ will be the responsibility of the contractor. Technical support for troubleshooting and maintaining communications with ABC company. Computers will be available to the contractor, but the contractor will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining adequate Internet services.

The database operates in an Oracle RDBMS environment on a HP Integrity Server rx8620 using the VMS operating system. The software suite spans several generations of computing technologies. These technologies include:

• host based programs running in the VMS environment

• web-based applications running under Microsoft Windows IIS/ASP

• web-based applications running under Java2 Enterprise Edition

• Cambridge Soft Enterprise/Desktop Suite

Figure 1:

Environment Tools
Oracle 1 0G SQL*Net, PL/SQL
VAX/VMS Digital Command Language (DCL), Module Management System (MMS), Code Management System (CMS), TCP/IP
Windows (MS, NT) Visual Basic, Active Server Page, HTML, Adobe PDF Professional
JDK 1.5.0, WebLogic 9.2.0 JBuilder X, Java Server Page (JSP), Extensible Markup Language(XML), Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Concurrent Versions System (CVS)
Cambridgesoft Enterprise Suite E-notebook, BioAssay, BioSAR, Biological Inventory

The goal of the ITB is to consolidate this wide variation of technologies into a consistent architecture. The contractor shall be knowledgeable in the following products and technologies and shall migrate legacy applications from these technologies to the J2EE and/or Cambridge Soft architecture using programming languages and tools listed below:

SVG, XSLT, Java Script, HTML, CSS, EJB, Struts, Hibernate, BEA Weblogic Server, Tomcat, Oracle RDBMS

B. Description of Work

1.0 Software Development

Independently, and not as an agent of the Government, the Contractor shal perform the services described below. The Contractor shall provide qualified personnel, material, equipment and facilities not otherwise provided by the Government during performance of this contract. The Contractor...

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