Zhejiang Same Boat Electrical Ltd Applies for Patent on Insulation Pull Rod Capable of Being Rapidly Installed

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN202210203876 20220302. The patent publication number is CN114512375 (A). International Patent Classification code is H01H71/10. Cooperative Patent Classification code is H01H71/10 (CN)

The abstract of the patent published by the State Intellectual Property Office of China states: "The invention discloses an insulating pull rod capable of being rapidly installed. The insulating pull rod comprises a pull rod body made of an insulating material. A rubber layer is arranged on the periphery of the pull rod; umbrella groups are formed on the rubber layer; the two ends of the pull rod are detachably connected with a connecting insert with a mounting space and a steel sleeve used for allowing a pin shaft to penetrate through respectively. A connecting rod is arranged in a cavity groove formed by the connecting insert; a positioning bulge is formed at one end of the connecting rod; a positioning groove for inserting one end of the connecting rod and...

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