State Intellectual Property Office of China Receives State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Res Inst and Tongliao Second Power Generation's Patent Application for Heat Storage Tank System

Publication Date13 January 2022
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN202011350319 20201126. The patent publication number is CN112524671 (A). International Patent Classification codes are F24D11/00, F24D19/00 and F24D19/10. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are F24D11/002 (CN), F24D19/0002 (CN) and F24D19/1006 (CN)

State Intellectual Property Office of China has released the abstract. According to the abstract, "The invention discloses a heat storage tank system. The heat storage tank system comprises a heat storage tank, a first pipeline, a second pipeline, a control valve set, an adjusting valve set, an induction unit and a control unit, a cavity is formed in the heat storage tank, the heat storage tank is provided with a first opening and a second opening, one end of the first pipeline is connected with the first opening, one end of the second pipeline is connected with the...

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