State Intellectual Property Office of China Releases Liu Deyun's Patent Application for Slow-Control Ecological Blended Fertilizer

Publication Date13 January 2022
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
According to the abstract released by the State Intellectual Property Office of China: "The invention discloses a slow-control ecological blended fertilizer and belongs to the technical field of agricultural fertilizers. The fertilizer comprises nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassiumoxide and amino acid organic particles. The fertilizer is characterized by comprising the following components in parts by weight: 12-21 parts of chlorine, 6-11 parts of phosphorus pentoxide, 8-17 parts of potassium oxide and 1 part of amino acid organic particles; 1 part of a component of the fertilizer comprises, by weight, 10% of amino acid and 20% of organic matter; and 1 part of synergist...

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