State Intellectual Property Office of China Receives Nanjing Fiberglass Res & Design Institute and Sinoma Science & Tech's Patent Application for Acid Leaching Creel and Acid Leaching Device

Publication Date13 January 2022
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN202011599635 20201229. The patent publication number is CN112521031 (A). International Patent Classification code is C03C25/66. Cooperative Patent Classification code is C03C25/66 (CN)

State Intellectual Property Office of China has released the abstract. According to the abstract, "The invention relates to the technical field of acid leaching process equipment, in particular to an acid leaching creel and an acid leaching device, the acid leaching creel comprises: two oppositelyarranged plate bodies, wherein a connecting structure for connection is arranged between the two plate bodies; and a plurality of through parts which are arranged on the plate body, wherein the extending directions of the through parts are obliquely arranged. According to the creel, the through parts are arranged, and the extending direction of the through parts is obliquely arranged, namely the side...

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