State Intellectual Property Office of China Receives Suizhong Minghui Industrial Tech's Patent Application for Preparation Method of Washing Machine Observation Window Glass Basin Production Line

Publication Date13 January 2022
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN202011574767 20201228. The patent publication number is CN112520983 (A). International Patent Classification codes are C03B11/00 and C03B25/00. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are C03B11/00 (CN), C03B25/00 (CN) and Y02P40/57 (EP)

State Intellectual Property Office of China has released the abstract. According to the abstract, "The invention provides a preparation method of a washing machine observation window glass basin production line. Molten glass is taken in a glass kiln through a material taking device, then the takenmaterial is sheared and blanked at the upper part of a glass basin female die, the sheared and blanked molten glass falls into the female die, the molten glass is pressed into a glass basin through amale die, and the pressed basin is rotated to a basin taking station through the rotation of the female die on a die frame; the pressed basin is taken out of...

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