State Intellectual Property Office of China Releases Tangshan Yinglai Science & Tech's Patent Application for Visual Detection Device and Method of Binocular Single-Line Light Path for High-Reflection Weld Joint

Published date17 October 2021
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN201910706385 20190801. The patent publication number is CN112304951 (A). International Patent Classification code is G01N21/88. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are G01N21/8806 (CN), G01N2021/8809 (CN) and G01N2021/8835 (CN).

According to the abstract released by the State Intellectual Property Office of China: "The invention discloses a visual detection device of a binocular single-line light path for a high-reflection weld joint. The visual inspection device comprises a fixing plate, a light source generating device is fixedly connected to the middle of the front face of the fixing plate, and a first supporting plate is fixedly connected to the position, located on one side of the light source generating device, of the front face of the fixing plate. The invention relates to the technical field of weld joint detection. According to the visual detection device and method of the binocular single-linelight path for the high-reflection weld joint, for the...

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