Appeal Nos. CIC/WB/A/2006/00126. Case: Shri Tilak Mohan Mathur Vs DDA. Central Information Commission

Case Number:Appeal Nos. CIC/WB/A/2006/00126
Party Name:Shri Tilak Mohan Mathur Vs DDA
Judges:Wajahat Habibullah, C.I.C. and Padma Balasubramaniam, I.C.
Issue:Right to Information Act
Judgement Date:June 01, 2006
Court:Central Information Commission


Wajahat Habibullah, C.I.C. and Padma Balasubramaniam, I.C.


1. Shri TM Mathur of Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi applied to PIO Shri Rakesh Bhatnagar, Director(H)-I DDA under application ID No. 513 of 19/12/'05, seeking information on action taken on a report on unauthorized construction of seven listed flats encroaching public land by one Maj Kapoor in Basant Gaon, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. The PIO responded on January 2/3, 2006 detailing encroachments made and schedule for demolition where not already done.

2. However, it was also intimated that the civic services of this housing project had been transferred to MCD in 1999 and action for demolition would have to be taken by that public authority. Finding that this response did not give important information on flat cancellation and eviction proceedings applicant Mathur went in appeal to the Appellate Authority on February 2, 2006. In her initial response Appellate Authority Smt Asma Manzar had found the information provided complete in all respects, but holding that since further information was requested in regard to specific property not owned by the appellant, third party provisions of the Act would apply. Hence the second appeal.

3. Appellant Shri TM Mathur is present together with PIO Shri R Bhatnagar, Director (H)-I, DDA. Smt Asma Manzar conveyed her inability to attend and authority to Director (H) to represent her in the hearing. In the meantime, more detailed information for six of the seven flats listed by the appellant had been provided to the appellant on 31/5/'06 under orders of the Appellate Authority dated 25/5/'06.

4. The PIO indicated the information on the seventh case i.e. Flat No 31, Basant Gaon was awaited and would be provided as soon as available.

Decision Notice

5. We find that Shri TM Mathur has now, as acknowledged by him in the hearing, been provided most of the information he has sought from...

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