File No: CIC/AD/C/2013/000303. Case: Shri S.K. Deenadhyalu Vs Southern Railway. Central Information Commission

Case NumberFile No: CIC/AD/C/2013/000303
CounselFor Respondents: Shri Ravi Kumar, Additional Personnel Officer
JudgesAnnapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner
IssueRight to Information Act
Judgement DateApril 23, 2013
CourtCentral Information Commission


Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner


  1. The RTI application was filed by the Applicant on 18.06.2010 requesting the PIO to intervene in a case related to the recovery of money from one Mr. K. Duraisamy and Mr. S. Gunasekaran @ 3,000/- per month from their salaries as directed by the Principle District Magistrate On not receiving any reply from the PIO, the Applicant filed his First Appeal on 20.01.2012 and being aggrieved and not receiving any response even from the Appellate Authority he filed a complaint dated 20.03.2012 with the Central Information Commission. The Commission vide its Order dated 13.08.2012 directed the PIO to furnish the information to the Applicant within one week of receipt of its order. The Commission thereafter received a complaint dated 07.01.2013 requesting for the following correct information:-

    (i) What date DPO/TPJ received back the cheques?

    (ii) What is the status of these cheques on the day the DPO/TPJ received this letter?


    During the hearing, the Respondent informed the Commission that the Appellant is seeking details of salaries attachments (showing recoveries) with respect to two employees Mr. K. Duraisamy and Mr. S. Gunasekaran that were submitted to the Court. The Respondents also stated that in response to the Commission's Order dated 13.08.2012 they had furnished complete information as available in their records on 19.10.2012 to the Appellant. The...

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