Complaint No. CIC/WB/C/2006/00144. Case: Shri Ashok Kumar Vs Dep’t. of Education, NCT. Central Information Commission

Case Number:Complaint No. CIC/WB/C/2006/00144
Party Name:Shri Ashok Kumar Vs Dep’t. of Education, NCT
Judges:Wajahat Habibullah, C.I.C.
Issue:Right to Information Act
Judgement Date:August 10, 2006
Court:Central Information Commission


Wajahat Habibullah, C.I.C.


1. Vide Complaint of 20.3.2006 Shri Ashok Kumar of Sheikh Sarai complained to this Commission regarding problems faced in submitting an application to the PIO Ms B Tirkey, Dy. Director (Education), West, NCT, Delhi. He states that the head of the Personal Section Shri Daniel Masih told him that only when the person making the application submits it personally would it be accepted. On the applicant''s persistence, Masih flung the application to the ground. Complainant Ashok Kumar states that he was denied a meeting with PIO Ms. B.Tirkey and was sent from one official to another, who twice asked for photo-copies of various documents, thus requiring him to travel a km. away and return after having obtained these, the whole procedure encompassing three hours. He, therefore, requested for imposition of penalty on the PIO.

2. In her response to the appeal notice, Dy. Director (West) vide letter of 2.8.06 intimated that information asked for by Smt. Santoshi Bala Wasan onwhose behalf Ashok Kumar had submitted the application, has been provided to her on 10.4.2006. Other allegations particularly concerning Shri Daniel Masih stand denied but it is stated that due to failure of electricity in the area applicant had to move outside the office to obtain photo copies. The complaint was heard on 10.8.2006. Complainant Shri Ashok Kumar is present together with Ms. Nirmal Jit Kaur, Asstt. Director of Education. Complainant has admitted that the information asked for had been provided but asked that penalty be imposed for bad behaviour of the office staff in accepting the application and the refusal of the PIO to meet him. Respondent Ms. Nirmal Jit Kaur has on the part of the public authority admitted that because this was the first case of its kind there may have been uncertainty in dealing with it at the level of office staff but this has now been remedied.


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