Schedule- VII List of I.T. Products


1  Word processing machines, Electronic typewriters 
2  Microphones, multimedia speakers, headphones etc. 
3  Telephone answering machines 
4  Prepared unrecorded media for sound recording 
5  Prepared unrecorded media for sound recording 
6  IT software or any media. 
7  Transmission apparatus other than apparatus for radio or T.V. broadcasting 
8  Radio communication receivers, Radio Pagers 
9  Aerials, antennas and parts 
10  LCD Panels, LED panels and parts. 
11  Electrical capacitors, fixed, variable and parts 
12  Electronic calculators 
13  Electrical resistors 
14  Printed Circuits 
15  Switches, Connectors, Relays for up to 5 amps 
16  DATA/Graphic Display tubes, other than Picture tubes and parts 
17  Diodes, transistors & similar semi-conductor devices 
18  Electronic Integrated Circuits and Micro-assemblies 
19  Signal Generators and parts 
20  Optical fibre cables 
21  Optical fibre and optical fibre bundles, cables 
22  Liquid Crystal devices, flat panel display devices and parts 
23  Computer systems and peripherals, Electronic diaries 
24  Cathode ray oscilloscopes, Spectrum analysers, Signal analysers. 
25  Parts and Accessories of HSN 84.69, 84.70 & 84.71 
26  D C Micromotors, Stepper motors of 37.5 watts. 
27  Parts of HSN 85.01 
28  Uninterrupted power supply 
29  Permanent magnets and articles 
30  Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy. 

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