Schedule - VII Compounded rate for Brick Kilns


1[The Seventh Schedule 

(See section 6-A)

Compounded rate for Brick Kilns.

Serial No.  Brick Kiln capacity  Lumpsum tax per annum in lieu of tax payable 
1.  Kiln upto 16 chambers  Rs. 90,000 
2.  Kiln with more than 16 chambers but not exceeding 26 chambers  Rs. 1,20,000 
3.  Kiln with more than 26 chambers but not exceeding 32 chambers  Rs. 1,80,000 
4.  Kiln with more than 32 chambers  Rs. 1,80,000 plus 
    Rs. 6,000 per additional chamber above 32 chambers 

Explanation:- If a kiln is designed to be fired at two places, the rate of lumpsum payable by the dealer owning such kiln shall be double of the aforesaid rates.]


  1. Inserted by the Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax (Fourth Amendment) Act, 2009.

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